About Us

Umi sushi chef

Our Chefs.

With over 10 years of experience as sushi chefs, Chef Tong Liu and Chef Haru Wang have masterfully crafted menus for 5 award-winning Sushi and Asian inspired restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Umi Kitchen & Sushi Bar is the culmination of that experience and success. Each and every bite is embedded with a passion for combining the freshest ingredients, traditional sushi rolls crafted with utmost precision, and creatively innovating specialty rolls with layers of complexity that impress and keep you coming back for more.



Our Food.

Umi Kitchen & Sushi Bar will be introducing to newcomers and reacquainting sushi-lovers in  Spokane with the traditional "Omakase" style; a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it up to you." If you choose this option, expect our Chefs' selections to be surprising, innovative, and impressive. With ingredients from Seattle's freshest selections, our sushi will not only surprise your taste buds with flavor but give you an appetite for only the freshest fish that you can't get anywhere else. Further, our kitchen is no afterthought. Our hot plate selections dazzle with fusions of Asian and European flavors, with tapas-style bento boxes and hors d'oeuvres.

Our Atmosphere.

We are located in the exciting neighborhood of Kendall Yards; walking distance to downtown and a night-stroll away from overlooking the Spokane River. Whether you've come to enjoy an upscale dining experience in our dining room, or have come to relax in our underground lounge with signature cocktails and full menu, we take pride in making our customers feel comfortable and happy.